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PokerStars and BetStars

PokerStars Rolls Out New BetStars Sports Betting Brand

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Sports betting is all set to scale new heights as one of the biggest names in the betting world- PokerStars- has made inroads into the multibillion sports betting with the launch of brands like, and With Amaya group taking over the PokerStars, expectations are naturally very high in the betting world – as the leaders in technological solutions and betting industry are joining forces to provide the sports bettors with grand possibilities in sports betting.


Mobile and Online Sports Betting


The Amaya Group and PokerStars have launched sports betting sites in chosen areas during the fag end of 2015 to help bettors experience a new high in sports betting online as well as using android phones. In order to test the waters as well as to launch the products successfully in a phased manner, for now around 25 sporting events alone are being offered for betting. Some of the games which have already found their way at BetStars websites include tennis, football, basketball and obviously poker. Many more sporting events are to be introduced in the new betting portal during the course of 2016, including the much anticipated horse racing.


Promotions and In-play Betting Options


To provide the sports bettors bigger thrill and greater opportunities to win the wagers, in-play betting option is being proposed from the newly launched portals. To further make it lucrative for sports bettors to wager from the site, various promotions and incentives are also being planned by PokerStars. And to create better awareness of their newly launched portal and their services, a big ad campaign is also set to roll out starting from early 2016.


One of its Kind Sports Betting Sites


Without merely remaining in contention with other sports betting sites, BetStars is being envisaged by the company as a unique sports betting portal offering the bettors very genuine experience in betting. For this, BetStars plans to include more sports over the period of time, so as to cater to wider section of bettors. The vision of the promoters of BetStars is to offer various first-time features in sports betting so as to make the site as the top choice for sports bettors. This has been revealed in no uncertain terms by Rafi Ashkanzi, the chief executive officer of Rational group, which is the erstwhile parent company of PokerStars. Rafi has staunchly underlined the fact that the team of Betstars would work with the same enthusiasm and zeal which made PokerStars as the most favoured betting site. Hence bettors could wait eagerly for enjoying a never-before experience in sports betting in 2016.


Sports Betting Site to Look Out For


By positioning BetStars as the most reliable while at the same time retaining features which are friendly to the bettors, PokerStars and Amaya are optimistic of luring most sports bettors from many parts of the world to their site and end the year as the number one option for sports bettors who bet on different prime sporting events.

Gambling Revenues in Macau

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The downward trend in businesses which started in 2014 has shown no let up in 2015. With markets continuing to decline across the board, it is least surprising to see a sector like casino gambling suffering immensely. Case study of the gambling revenue earned in Macau for the year 2015 is a pointer to the declining state of business.


Poor Year-end at Macau Casinos


In spite of being recognised as the major market in the world for gambling related activities, revenue earned during the month of December 2015 was a huge disappointment to the market observers. Comparing with the revenue of the same period in the preceding year, the fall in earnings is rather significant and steep. The lackadaisical performance at the casinos throughout the year in fact is certain to be a dampener for prospective investors. With even the prominent names in gambling like Melco Crown and Las Vegas Sands, suffering huge losses fears of new players are not unfounded.


Overall Market Trends


It is not just the gambling casinos which have been experiencing a downtrend in business revenues over the last couple of years. Other major industries including the energy sector and metals which so far were being looked upon as sunrise sectors have suffered huge business loses last year, sending a shrill down the spine of the new investors. However for few brave-heart investors who believe that it is the right time to invest when the growth is in the negative this is the time to closely scrutinize the trends in business so as to plan their next investment.


Macau Gambling Revenue Trends


A glance at the gross monthly revenue for the year 2015 from Macau gambling centres indicate that the earnings through the year have been more or less even, unlike in the preceding year. The graph for the year 2014 had more undulations, with revenue fluctuating from 23000 to 38000. Revenue for the year 2015 however never surpassed the figure 24000, showing that throughout the year there was not a single peak, worth mentioning. The overall drop in revenue, month wise between 2014 and 2015 has ranged 17% to 48%, underlining the poor revenue collections at the gambling dens of Macau in 2015. If one there could be one consolation in the revenue chart of Macau pertaining to 2015, it is the marginal increase in earning in December over the month of November.


What the Pundits Say


Market analysts are however not dismayed by the revenue collection at the Macau gambling dens, last year. Though the year began with signs of revival in economy, the reality was greatly different. Yet when comparing with few other sectors which have seen far dismal results, the earnings obtained from the Macau casinos is certainly better. However the fall in revenue during the year has been in the range of 20% over the previous year. Right now it may seem that the peak reached by the Macau casinos in 2013 is out of bounds considering the fluid global economy.